Why FITsique Fitness & Health?

FITsique you may ask?

For years, I have brainstormed the title of a blog or website I eventually wanted to have. I always came back to this name as I wanted the focus of my content to be on the art of becoming fit..

You see, being in the fitness industry for many years, I feel as if many people have this idea that they need to achieve a certain PHYSIQUE, a certain body fat percentage, a specific BMI or a size of pants to find true happiness. If they did not achieve this ideal body type, then they oftentimes felt like they had failed themselves, their spouse and their family. I know this-because I have personally been there and struggle often in this area. Sometimes this leads to anxiety, depression and eating disorders. You see society and social media prey upon individuals and what should be defined as “Happiness” and what it is to be “Fit.”

But what if the definition of Fit was different for everyone?

What if  your idea of fit is to be able to have the cardiovascular endurance to run around in the back yard with your kids and not get winded after 20 minutes of hide and seek or tag? Or maybe your idea of fit is to be able to have the strength and endurance to do 50 push ups and a 5 min plank hold with the athletes you are coaching? Or maybe you just found out you are 5 weeks pregnant and you want to have a healthy pregnancy and labor?

These are all realistic FIT and HEALTHY goals!

SO rather than focusing on being a specific physique, why don’t we focus on the process of becoming fit and healthy in the definition that makes the most sense for us and our lifestyle? And don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place in training for physique especially if you are training for a bodybuilding, bikini or physique competition (all the power to you!) as it takes so much discipline!

For the general population, I encourage you to establish what your realistic idea of FIT is and make specific goals to achieve that goal of yours to make health your priority. But remember this is a process and we are all in it together. It may take weeks, months and years to achieve a realistic goal and that is OKAY! Start with today and make a list of the the goals you have for this upcoming week and month.

Ask yourselves these questions to get the wheels in your brain to start working:

How is my physical health?

How is my emotional health?

How is my gut health?

How is my spiritual health?

Where in my life to I feel Fit and Healthy?

Where in my life do I want to feel Fit and Healthy?

What steps can I start doing to prioritize my health?

You see, becoming FIT encompasses your body, mind and spirit working together for your holistic well-being. In doing workouts, you often times need a positive mindset to get through a rigorous workout. If your gut is inflamed due to the foods you have been eating and the stress you have been under, then all areas of your health will be compromised.

If you are ready to take control of all aspects of your health, then understand the process of “BECOMING”. Common definitions for the word, “becoming” are: “the process of coming to be something; a continued rebirth; the dynamic aspect of being.”

We are all in the process of “becoming,” therefore allow yourself grace in this process as there isn’t just one way to achieve your goal in regards to fitness, nutrition or mindset. We are all a work in progress and it takes time, discipline and accountability to achieve those things. SO why don’t we work on creating a community who will back us up when we are discouraged and remind us of the goals we have set forth in front of us to prioritize our health?

If you are inspired to start working on yourself and become the person you desire to be, I encourage you to join me in this process where we discover the “art to becoming fit..”

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts, workouts, recipes, encouragement and fitness related material. If you want to see certain things on this blog/website, please email me at: renaeh264@fitsique.org

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